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Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Ph.D. DCH(IM) Metaphysician, Medium and Healer

Prof Margaret Rogers Van Coops was born during a bombing raid in London England, in 1942. As soon as she could talk, she was aware of her connection with Spirit entities and Guardian Angels. As the years passed, she perfected her skills as a Medium and was well-known for her accuracy in contacting Loved Ones, providing proof of survival of loved ones killed during the war. Her talks about The Oneness were known to be extremely accurate and often surprisingly helpful to many at that time. She was a renowned Trance Medium then, and still is available for private and public sessions.

Katie Kamara BSocSc, ABNLP, ABHYP

Lecturer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Katie Kamara BSOCSC, ABNLP, ABHYP is an Australian native whose writes continues to reach a worldwide audience while she continues breaking ground in alternative metaphysical science, thought and research, journalism, public speaking, illustration and soulful emotional therapy. Katie is an active Advocate of Human Rights and Access to Justice, the Development of Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, Trauma Healing and Sovereign Empowerment of men and women to reach the highest human potential to help people see themselves no longer as victims of any situation or hardships they encounter throughout their lives. As a multi/interdisciplinary in applied social sciences, psychology, alternative therapies, a business leader, and healer with a firm base on the scope of the human mind, body and soul.