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Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Ph.D. DCH(IM) Metaphysician, Medium and Healer

Address: 2060 W. Acoma Blvd Suite 220 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Brief info

Prof Margaret Rogers Van Coops was born during a bombing raid in London England, in 1942. As soon as she could talk, she was aware of her connection with Spirit entities and Guardian Angels. As the years passed, she perfected her skills as a Medium and was well-known for her accuracy in contacting Loved Ones, providing proof of survival of loved ones killed during the war. Her talks about The Oneness were known to be extremely accurate and often surprisingly helpful to many at that time. She was a renowned Trance Medium then, and still is available for private and public sessions.

As time passed, she studied nursing, psychology, psychiatry which she evolved through the study of anatomy and spiritual awareness to develop various crystal healing modalities that resulted in many other British people becoming interested in the power of crystals to heal. Her pioneer work in those days was also accepted in Europe. Later she was to marry and live in The USA where she developed her Crystal Acupuncturesm, Teragramsm therapy, “Core” Teragramsm Therapy, Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm and TrinityStonesm Healing as well as Sensory Touch Therapy (STT)sm. When these therapies were combined with other therapies great healing changes occurred.

The result was her books: Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy, The Book of Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy Diagrams and later, TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy that release negativity from various sounds heard throughout life. Her other books are also available on

Prof. Margaret is adapt in teaching her workshops, seminars, and course in Psychic Developmentsm, Oneness Counselorsm (Spiritual Soul Structure Coding course), Metaphysiotherapistsm & Metaphysiciansm courses that include her Powerstonesm Course and still more that will be shared in time with her students. She provides various packages of one on one education, counseling and coaching that will undoubtedly assist and individual to transform their point of view and the way they interact on a daily basis.

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