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Sleep Issues: Slumber like a baby!

Sleep Issues:
Slumber like a Baby!

The position you turn to fall asleep in is likely to have evolved during your pre adolescence when siblings or parents have disturbed your sleep. Equally annoying in early youth is hospitalization routines that disturb sleep. Add to that one’s life with happenings where worry, distress, physical stress from accidents and so much more are encoded into the body, creating issues, like irritable syndrome just when you want to relax, or Restless leg syndrome, that is the result of mental memories in trying to achieve goals unsuccessfully. There are many reason’s why we have issues about sleeping. Dr. Margaret will explain fully the anatomical aspects of the sleep process and how the brain works producing melatonin and other symbiotic actions towards inducing sleep states throughout the night. She will also with your permission hypnotize you online and give you a download free meditation from her book 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations to help you relax and sleep naturally. Q & A is invited.

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