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Readings with Dr. Margaret



Simply give Dr. Margaret the name and age of a person and she will tell you how to understand their character and personality and how to communicate with them. She will also explain what to improve in your own perception of yourself in the relationship as well as how you are seen and heard. This advice is priceless and often saves relationships from separation.


‘The Generation Gap’ is a ‘biggie’ in most families and often as a result, a rift in the way communication occurs is apparent. Dr. Margaret will help you as a parent to understand your child and to give you priceless advice on how to love and communicate with him/her. Many children are extremely psychic and need their parents to understand the way they perceive themselves in this life. This reading is invaluable when it comes to a child’s happiness.


Most families are larger when you include grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and more. Conflicts, as a result of the entwining of two or more families can often be a source of emotional and mental abuse, as well as, develop low self-esteem, values and worth. This reading is vital for anyone who feels they are in a relationship that is demeaning.


In today’s society, more and more people are feeling the crunch in keeping small business running, as well as those who are beginning a pathway towards building a new business. Dr. Margaret will advise you about your employees, partners and local contacts. This is a must if you are to break old patterns and open up to new ways in doing business.


Often mental and emotional issues prevent a person from obtaining their goals. If you find yourself constantly at loggerheads with issues over your profession, skills, talents and training, then this reading will help you to change your mentality. Learn how to find enthusiasm and sparkle in ways you have not discerned. Be advised how to develop a new career and training.


Most people, when they reach age 40, wonder what life is all about. Younger generations are already asking many questions about themselves. Dr. Margaret will channel information that will both enlighten and direct you towards your destiny as well as aid you in understanding more about your spiritual abilities, direction and purpose. Your Spirit-Self has hidden talents. Find out what they are!


Everyone is deeply embedded with this coding. It allows you to define who you are and what you want to experience in this life. Discover what leads you to develop personality and character traits, as well as why you chose your parents, siblings and children. You have a lesson and this is revealed as well as the purpose of your existence here on Earth.



No one lives on Earth without some coding from past lives where you have either mastered an issue, developed talents or are still trying to do so. Understanding how those lives are encoded into your Soul Structure and your Deep-Subconscious awakens an inner knowing that will help you to develop these talents and skills in this life. A transformation of ways in action is always the result.



Who are your ancestors and what were they learning that you must master? How did they pave the way for you? These are some of the questions that will be answered when this reading is given. You will be acquainted with the genetic coding that you absorbed in your mother’s womb and understand how your father’s coding was given at conception. Find out what really makes you tick and who you really are!


Most people adhere to negative thinking with emotional trauma attached as a result of the influences instilled in the first two years of life. Discover how everything you have learned from your parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, doctors, priests, healers, hypnotherapist, lawyer, assistants, and the list goes on with extended family and your assimilation of what you have been hypnotized to believe that is preventing you from achieving good health; a true sense of inner confidence along with an emotional balance in spite of, or as a result of, circumstances and instances where fear, guilt, loss, anger and pain have prevented you from excelling throughout life. This is a psychological reading that can take 2 hrs. or more to transform your attitude.


Some people are born to succeed while others fail. Have you ever wondered why things seem to block you just when you think you are about to make it over the ‘bump in the road’ and on to greater things? Dr. Margaret will take aspects of your life and circumstances and explain the reasons for these blocks. She will also discuss your emotional, mental and physical conditions relative to this journey you take.


So many people decide they have no talent at all. Actually, everyone has innate talents that are waiting to be shown to self. So, here Dr. Margaret will show you your ability to learn, to practice and to demonstrate your talents in ways you probably never even dreamed of. This reading can be both exciting and formidable, depending on your open attitude to change.


Sometime individuals have certain problems and a number of prospective possibilities available. Dr. Margaret will help you see your attitude, the people you mix with, in a new light and at the same time give you a ‘heads up’ on what to watch out for that may hinder or push you on.


If you feel depressed, worried, lost or simply don’t feel right in your skin, then Dr. Margaret will help you see yourself in a new light. She will support and encourage you to look at your life differently and to learn to focus on nothing but positive outcomes. The advice she channels from your Spirit Guides will be invaluable.


Many students of the paranormal become confused with so many different modalities of training. Dr. Margaret will help you focus on the right choices and will encourage you to develop your healing and psychic skills in understanding the normality of what is occurring to you. She will answer all your questions.


STANDARD FEES: ONE HOUR — $150.00* (Includes related costs like credit card fees.) Mailing/shipping CD costs are additional.


*Fees can be structured according to individual circumstances. Dr Margaret does not turn away clients based on lack of ready funds. We can work it out, if necessary. Just call or email us to discuss this.

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