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PTSD: Trauma turned to insight in the Blink of An Eye!

Trauma Turned to Insight in the Blink of An Eye!

Most think of this disorder as a result of war, fire, accidents where harm is done to the body and then to the psyche. Actually, some children are born with PTSD. Here we take a long look at the way the brain works to creates stress, marking fear of life as a real aspect on a daily basis. Dr. Margaret will explain the psychology of how the brain commands the body to obey, while relying on past history to make decision. This illness is where a person is able to hypnotize themselves to relive the past and to tell self that the memories are important and will never cease. PTSD is a post-psychological trauma arising from what could be a very minor event. The brain enlarges and expands issues, resulting in terror which can drive some to suicide. This symposium will focus on several techniques in hypnosis to calm the mind, delete the memory or park it in a part of the brain where it can be referred to for reassessment of self and the life to live. This first session will be open for students to enroll in a private session with Dr. Margaret or Katie Kamara.

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