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Lecture #5: Transform Loss & Misery into Pleasant Support

Lecture #5:
Transform Loss & Misery into Pleasant Support


Whether you have lost and item by theft, or a person by death, this can be traumatic to say the least. But, what about all those minor losses that add up over time that cause you to feel you are a failure? Dr. Margaret will discuss how early infancy from mother as well as attendance to kindergarten and first school is set up to give and take. Here a child will lay importance on what matters. In adult years, often those things made important and taken away become a longing to own and keep items etc. In this talk, Dr. Margaret will outline many types of issues where those early years have been influenced to control your habits and routines which in most cases are now obsolete yet still believed. Letting go of the past and moving on will be the focus in a short hypnosis relaxation at the end of this lecture.

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