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Death Issues: You Die A Million Times a Day!

Death Issues:
You Die A Million Times a Day!

Whenever a person or animal within a family passes over, it can be a great shock to those who survive. Shock is an extremely emotional hypnotic moment when a variety of emotions arise, leaving a person with a sense of helplessness. Dr. Margaret will share how to deal with loss and to cope with the toils of arranging funerals and various other events that may or may not be in accord with their true feelings. When a person or animal passes, we immediately identify with our own potential time of death. Some even become obsessive about every aspect of their life, in the hope of being in control to prevent death. Dr. Margaret will share her insights on this topic and will give simple things to do in managing a loss of any kind, whether it be a person or item, even a place of work or home. Learn how to transform negative beliefs into positive motivations to succeed.

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