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Birth Issues: Learn How Precious You Are!

Birth Issues:
Learn How Precious You Are!

Whether a child is born naturally, or not, there is a strong influence in the way a child is delivered. Following that birth, the next 24 hours are vital to the stimulation of the infants’ brain patterns. Dr. Margaret will explain the working of the brain in an infant. This will take the students into an awareness of their Spirit-self, their need to live life to the full, and the education received with results good or bad. We will look at issues that are common in rearing a child that are out of date and detrimental to the child’s psyche along with mis-informed information as the child matures int adulthood. Dr Margaret will then discuss participant’s issues when shared. This symposium is designed to help students break away from wrong beliefs that have either been justified in the younger years or later in life relative to various work, home and society expectations where their individual rules have caused further anxiety, failure etc.

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