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Our Purpose

With the growing number of children and young adults seeking insights, inspiration and education in the paranormal and normal, it is our intention to share our experiences, knowledge and loving care with those seeking Metaphysical studies, leading to certification and for advanced students, various diploma courses that will be given through Universal Christ Church and Sumaris Education Center.

As pioneers in our fields and experiencers in contact with ancient aliens and Master Spirit Guides, we have learned to master our skills in teaching various topics of interest in dealing with daily life issues including relationships, conditioning, deprogramming the negativity learned in early life. It is our hope that those who chose to study with us will enjoy not only our talks, but our seminars and courses in face to face on-line and/or at selected places across the states for practical learning as the numbers grow through this site.

We are available to help both the young and old to understand the power of self when tapping into The Oneness for guidance and instruction as time passes. Since everyone has a different point of view, the variety of wisdom and understanding will evolve on a daily basis. We do advise a private session from time to time when issues arise that needs to be resolved and understood.