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Self Mastery: Creating a Better World Week 6

Started on June 4, 2023

Self Mastery: Creating a Better World
Week Six

Breaking Away

Society is full of dictates for how you should be. The culture you are living in is full of influences about what you should think, how you should act, and what you should believe. Social programming is a powerful force affecting our development as people.

Are social influences leading you to be true or untrue to your essence? Are you managing yourself to be acceptable to others, or are you managing yourself to be in accordance with the health and pleasure of your soul? Most of us let society program us without even really being aware of it.

To master yourself and function at the high level of health and well-being I have described in the first week in this series:” Self-Mastery: Creating a Better World,” you must break away from social conditioning. Rather than subscribe to the projections that are put upon you by others, you must orient inward to the influences of your own soul and heart (love center). Inward is the direction of authentic being.

When the Inner and Outer World Match in Health

There will be some ways that your inner influences match society’s influences in favor of your health and in support of you being yourself. When this happens, go with it. As long as it suits your true self, then that particular social influence is not programming you. It is reinforcing your soul’s preference.

When the Inner and Outer World Match in Sickness

There may be ways that your inner influences match society’s influences in favor of you being dysfunctional. This is what you really must watch out for. These are the areas to change.

A Deeper Danger

There is a spiritual sickness in humanity. There is abuse culture. This sickness stunts and controls much of humanity’s development. It causes and influences a lot of the social programming that we contend with. It leads people away from their wholeness and out of their power. It is keeping humanity in a disempowered state by spreading abuse, inflicting trauma, and preoccupying us with perpetual abuse, recovery, and healing.

Remember in my week 2 “Self-Mastery makes You a Champion,” we talk about being a champion? I said:

Those of us who are practicing self-mastery win our inner battles. We collect inner victories. We use these victories to embolden ourselves to be strong links in humanity. We are triumphs of the human spirit!

Many of the inner victories that are won by practicing self-mastery are victories of overcoming the disempowering influence of the spiritual sickness that is coursing through humanity.

Independent Health

Self-mastery puts you in your personal power and wholeness. It gets you functioning in health and helps you transcend the sickness. To enjoy this for yourself, leave the collective dysfunction. Create a separate space in yourself (from the collective) and, in this space, use a practice of self-mastery to free yourself from the sickness. In this way, this separate space becomes a separate peace, and you become your own shelter: a sanctuary of health and safety.

By being independent of social programming, you conduct yourself in accordance with your soul’s enjoyment. By being independent of the spiritual sickness that is infecting humanity, you become liberated in health. As you transcend in this way independently, you become an antidote to the sickness and your life becomes a contribution to humanity’s transcendence into spiritual magnificence and freedom.

There is a lot to self-mastery (and it helps to have training in a self-mastery practice). The beginning basis; however, is independence from social programming. Begin with this, and practice self-mastery all the way to your spiritual sovereignty. When you do this, you can truly lead yourself.

Call to Action

Replace Social Programming with Spiritual Sovereignty

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