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Self Mastery: Creating a Better World Week 5

Started on June 4, 2023

Self Mastery: Creating a Better World
Week Five

Are you done yet?

When you’ve achieved self-mastery, that’s it, right? You’re done? Nope. Self-mastery is no more about “being done” than it is about being perfect (as I addressed in the previous week: “Self-Mastery Is Not About Being Perfect.”)

Being Effective 

This is not about being done developing yourself. Self-mastery is about being fully functional (injury and illness aside) and functioning at a high level. You get your soul, mind, ego, body, and heart (love center) working together effectively in health, strength, and maturity.

This high functioning does not mean that you are done growing, learning, improving, and maturing. You still get to become even more marvelous! Self-mastery does not end the process of self-actualization (the realization of your potential). What it does do, is make you more effective at it. Also, it makes your experience of it more enjoyable.

When you have mastered yourself, your soul leads your self-actualization process which means you are developing your authentic self rather than a false image of yourself. You are not catering to other people’s preferences or projections. This saves you from growing into a version of yourself you don’t enjoy. Instead, you keep creating versions of yourself you do enjoy.

United Action 

  • Your ego, mind, heart (love center), and body unite with your soul, in-action of your self-actualization, according to your soul’s leadership.

  • Your ego (having matured), does not get in your way by preoccupying you with gratifying it. Neither does it distract you with petty drama. In its maturity and strength, it focuses you on improving yourself while allowing your heart to love you with your flaws. And it helps you celebrate your personal development victories.

  • Your mind is disciplined enough to ally itself with your progressive growth.

  • Your heart infuses your experiences of personal development with love that keeps you feeling whole while you work on yourself.

  • Your body is enlivened into embodying your progress.

Self-mastery also helps your self-actualization by being the ultimate self-care practice. Self-care fortifies your abilities as much as developing skills do. It fuels your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strengths for your ability to grow.

As you can see, self-mastery does not conclude nor complete your self-actualization. It enhances it.

Call to Action —

Become more effective at your self-actualization with self-mastery.

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