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Started on June 4, 2023TBADuration 2 weeksCost TBA



From childhood, we learn that we cannot have everything we want. Our sense of demand and ability to take is validated by trial and error. We will be focusing on how one can cause an inner sense of loss when there is actually no loss at all. We will also talk about facing loss and preparing for change.

Part 1. Early childhood teaches us to take and touch and enjoy. Later we are told to ask if we may have contact. Still later we are left to decide if we actually want contact with another. Our constant exposure to dichotomies is consistently draining. We will, we can etc. versus we will not and cannot etc. We will share how to overcome this doubt and loss to awaken to something more valuable in life.

Part 2. We will discuss how loss of a loved one in death, divorce, moving away and broken loves of the early years with parents, family and school friends who helped build your character. References to your notebook will be interesting at this time to go back and re-read what you originally wrote. We will discuss the changes and set times for further topics to be shared.

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