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Introduction to Relationships

Started on February 6, 2023TBADuration 2 weeksCost TBA


An introduction to the various types of relationships: how they evolve and why we find ourselves often without understanding or friendships, when a person has been negatively programmed in the first five years of life.

We will look at: Intimacy, marriage, family relationships, work relationships, creative relationships in the arts and strange encounters. The first hour will be teaching and the remainder 30 minutes will be Q & A with students, affording good answers and support in awareness with solutions. We will discuss and share ways and means of looking deeply into self, guiding each to adapt and renew a relationships that is failing. We will discuss:

Intimacy: Learn how we often protect self by pushing people away and why! We will look at childhood beliefs and how those senses can become harmful later in life.

Marriage: Expectation of Prince or Princess Charming and why relationships fall apart under these expectations.

Family: Often the various members of close family are dominant and destructive. We will look at how to deal with these people and to find ones own personal way to be free and calm when deal with an awkward family member.

Extended Family & Friends: When children are exposed to new friends in school or to meet a new adult, there can often be fears arising, relative to their own soul need for love and joy. Unfortunately, with bullying going on in many relationships today, people rationalize their dilemma with physical complaints. We will talk about this and how to handle this type of person.

Work Colleagues: Often too much is expected of workers and little is known about their social lives. It is time to learn how to open up the office and bring in the light with simple bodily gestures and offers of friendship to overcome feelings of isolation and judgment.

Artistic friends: Here we will focus on confidence, sharing and how to deal with competition that could destroy a relationship.

Strangers: Some find it difficult to make new friends since a lack of confidence and love is the cause. We will share various ways to breakdown those barriers and make everyone your friend.

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