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Started on June 4, 2023TBADuration 2 weeksCost TBA



We all have pangs of guilt at some time or another. It could be you have let yourself or someone else down! However, the act of not following through could be an act of self-protection while avoiding an unsavory interlude. Others may act without thought and regret it later. Still others have withdrawn, lost in paranoiac fear and pain, adding guilt to their list. This is a deep psychological issue that has arisen from early childhood, possibly while in the womb. This month we will learn how to rise above these states of guilt.

Part 1: We will look at the types of guilt and why we tend to hide behind them in order to not take responsibilities for our actions, ways and means of gaining love or hatred from someone we wish to deter from controlling us. We will look at story-telling, lying and misunderstandings that cause one to feel ashamed.

Part 2. Focusing on guilt will lead us to understanding what we have not done for self or for others. We will address how guilty feelings can over-shadow anything else one wants to do. Here we will introduce various techniques in meditation and relaxation, assisting you with ways to sort out your feelings and needs without disappointment or loss.

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