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Started on February 6, 2023TBADuration 2 weeksCost TBA



When an individual has been pushed too far, or badly treated in some way, they will quite naturally defend self without an awareness as to whether they have heard, or seen something else, that is affecting them. Over time anger builds up in the body causing physical pain in the back and legs or wrist and arms and shoulders. We will discuss body symptoms and why they occur relative to the Major and Minor Chakras.

Part 1. Emotional expression relative to the Seven Major Chakras. We will look at the power of each Chakra and why it can be torn with a weak core or in failing to protect self from energy attacks. We will share how discipline and understanding can overcome issues that normally may have turned into arguments or more serious attacks that can be physical in nature. You will learn how to close down and feel safe.

Part 2. Emphasis will be laid upon the importance of the Spleen Chakra and its task in keeping one balanced in Mind & Body, both emotionally and mentally. We will discuss the nature of the encoded Soul Structure Coding that brings ‘Love Divine & Wisdom’ down through the Crown Chakra. You will discover how to awaken a new sense of perception and define your activity. Exercises and hypnosis will be given.

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