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University of Metaphysical Studies
Integrated & Alternative Medicine
Easy Peasy Solutions A place where the infinite healing energy of The Oneness flows Fundamental Wisdom
of the Oneness
Be an angel to others
Where there is a will, there is a way. Never put yourself down. When you make a mistake, allow yourself to enjoy discovering that there is still more to learn and move on.
Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Welcome to Easy Peasy Solutions

Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops has had a dream since she was five years old. Her understanding as she grew up has evolved from a school to a University of Metaphysical Studies along with Integrated & Alternative Medicine. The driving force behind her has always been the constant support of The Ascended Master and Archangels of various religions. She is now ready to expand that notion into an on-line structure that will provide education, assistance, new information as it is given to her, along with talks, classes, workshops, courses and interactive meetings for students to practice what they have learned by attendance at physical courses to be held in various cities that will define each level of success in receiving a diploma relative to the courses chosen.
Note: No one is turned away. Ask for help and it shall be given freely in accordance with a student’s study work.


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Our Core Vision

Prof. Margaret’s goal has evolved, but has always been to establish a school, center, education clinic, and now a university where students can study all her courses, classes and much more as well as to attend the many other courses and talks given by other world-class teachers who will come together to train younger generations. Dr. Margaret believes that everyone should learn to use their psychic skills to heal one another, rebuild this world and bring into life a sense of unity between all species on this planet. She consistently works towards seeing a world united, no matter the differences in religion, philosophy, cultures etc. where we all accept our differences and unite in one common understanding, that we are The Human Race that can unite and work together for a common goal of peace. A University of Metaphysical studies would achieve this goal and hopefully would extend to many other Universities that are in existence.

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… do not delay, lest you later regret it.

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At Easy Peasy Solutions No one is turned away. Ask for help and it shall be given freely in accordance with a student’s study work.